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Hard Cider – Yeasts Used for Hard Cider (Compliation of Results)

This is the list of Hard Cider yeasts used for hard cider and yeasts intend on trying. This list will be updated as the experiment continues. Note that I understand that yeast selection is highly subjective, please do not take my words as the end all be all, just an idea of my personal experiences. […]

Why Federal Regulations Have Completely Restricted Hard Cider Making

You ever want to own a hard cider operation? Well there is one major hiccup that does not get enough discussion with hard cider makers, a hiccup that actually allows home brewers to make the best hard cider. Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco and FirearmsĀ  Ā§24.10 “Hard cider. Still wine derived primarily from apples or apple […]

Hard Cider Batch #1 – On Tap (and Kegging System Added)

As I previously wrote, I have added a kegging system to my equipment (bringing my total to about $1200 into this hobby). I picked the kegging system up at a local place in Cincinnati call Corny Keg. The place is basically a warehouse with kegs. The deal only made sense because I wanted new and […]