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Hard Cider Batch #1 – On Tap (and Kegging System Added)

As I previously wrote, I have added a kegging system to my equipment (bringing my total to about $1200 into this hobby). I picked the kegging system up at a local place in Cincinnati call Corny Keg. The place is basically a warehouse with kegs. The deal only made sense because I wanted new and […]

Hard Cider Batch #1 – Back Sweeten Using Potassium Sorbate and Metabisulfite

It’s time for an update on Hard Cider Batch #1. First lets Recap. Batch #1 – Nottingham Ale Yeast – By Danstar – 6 gallons of  Country Acres Premium Apple Cider Original Gravity – 1.055 Final Gravity – 1.008 Current ABV: 6.17% Started 01/14/14 Racked to 5 gallon secondary 01/27/14 Date of adding Potassium Sorbate […]

What to Back Sweeten Hard Cider With

When it comes time to back sweeten your hard cider, what sugar is the best? Well like most things in brewing, in depends. There are virtually unlimited ways to back sweeten your cider by using combinations of fruit juices, sugars, and virtually anything with sugar in it, but this post will focus mainly on sugar […]