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Why Federal Regulations Have Completely Restricted Hard Cider Making

You ever want to own a hard cider operation? Well there is one major hiccup that does not get enough discussion with hard cider makers, a hiccup that actually allows home brewers to make the best hard cider. Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms  §24.10 “Hard cider. Still wine derived primarily from apples or apple […]

Hard Cider Batch #1 – On Tap (and Kegging System Added)

As I previously wrote, I have added a kegging system to my equipment (bringing my total to about $1200 into this hobby). I picked the kegging system up at a local place in Cincinnati call Corny Keg. The place is basically a warehouse with kegs. The deal only made sense because I wanted new and […]

Hard Cider Batch #1 – Back Sweeten Using Potassium Sorbate and Metabisulfite

It’s time for an update on Hard Cider Batch #1. First lets Recap. Batch #1 – Nottingham Ale Yeast – By Danstar – 6 gallons of  Country Acres Premium Apple Cider Original Gravity – 1.055 Final Gravity – 1.008 Current ABV: 6.17% Started 01/14/14 Racked to 5 gallon secondary 01/27/14 Date of adding Potassium Sorbate […]