Hard Cider Batch #7 – White Labs English Cider Yeast WLP775

For my 7th batch, I will be making hard cider using White Labs English Cider Yeast WLP775. I recently purchased 10 (Yes that’s right, 10) 3 quarts bottles of “Santa Cruz Organic Apple Juice.” These bottles will be used to rack my 1 gallon samples (batches #2 through #6) into later, and it’s a little harder to find 3 quarts than it is a full one gallon, so I paid $5.99 each (complete rip off in my opinion). This batch of hard cider was pitched on 1/27/14.

To recap, I am using:

  • White Labs English Cider Yeast WLP775
  • 6.5 Gallons of Santa Cruz Organic Apple Juice
  • 6.5 tsps of yeast nutrients
  • 6.5 gallon glass carboy
  • sanitizer
  • funnel
  • 3-piece airlock
  • universal plug
  • brew hauler
  • stirring rod (for yeast nutrients)
  • cordless drill (for stirring rod)

All of which (except juice and drill) is available at MidwestSupplies

Hard Cider Batch #7 - White Labs Cider Yeast

Hard Cider Batch #7 – White Labs Cider Yeast

Hard Cider Juice
As for the juice itself, Santa Cruz is organic, but they need to work on quality control.  I took samples from all of the jugs and got readings from 1.044 to 1.052, to me that’s a pretty big range (although, in Santa Cruz’s defense, the next lowest gravity reading to 1.044 was 1.047, which was much closer to the average). One of the jugs even looked a different darker color (not shown in picture above). I was going to avoid using it, being that I had one extra, but I decided I had to know if the sugar was higher (and it was the highest). I had to stir the entire carboy for yeast nutrients anyways, and I got a final gravity reading average of 1.05.

The different between no yeast nutrients and yeast nutrients is very noticeable. This is a topic I will talk more about in a future post. The airlock’s activity is drastically higher and the overall look of the bubbles and carbonation is pretty extreme, videos below.

Plans for this batch at this point are still in development. As always, one will be controlled substance, but I am going to try additives in the secondaries. At this point I’m thinking a caramel sauce, a couple of fruit batches perhaps, and maybe even a couple of curve balls. The batch will likely go into 5 – 1 gallons and maybe a 3 quarts carboy for secondaries. I’ve never worked with White Labs English Cider Yeast WLP775, but I have heard great things about the yeast.

Another cider on it’s way. This batch will make 17.5 out of our legal 200 gallons per year (two adult household, in Ohio).


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