About HCP

HardCiderProject.com was started to follow the journey to find the best possible home brewed hard cider. There are lots of methods, varieties of yeasts, different juices and apples, and additives available when making hard cider, and I intend on exploring all that I can. This journey is not a sprint, and I plan on having a lot of mediocre batches and mistakes along the way.

I do play around with the idea of going an extreme step further, which is  buying some land and planting a small orchard (1 or 2 acres). This is a topic that I will frequently explore and hopefully will become a reality in the long-term.

Some cider reviews will probably peek up on the site as well and any attended events (like Cider Summit 2014 in Chicago, IL).

I intend on using this site as a journal of my experiences, and a way to provide income to help pay for the hobby (the more income via this site, the more things I can justify to try). If you are interested in supporting my site, please check out all of the great affiliates on this site or contact me about possible paid advertising.  The site currently has roughly 1,000 unique visitors a month (site established Jan 2014), but the sources of this traffic is highly on topic and relevant.

My equipment:

  • 1 – Six gallon glass carboy
  • 1 – Six and a half gallon glass carboy
  • 2 – Five gallon glass carboy (to rack 6/6.5 gallon batches and leave the lees)
  • 11 – One gallon glass carboys (for smaller batches)
  • 9 – Three quarts glass carboys (to rack 1 gallon batches and leave the lees)
  • 2 – Five gallon ball lock kegs
  • 1 – Three gallon ball lock keg (smaller batches)
  • 10lb CO2 tank
  • Regulator
  • Kegging tubing
  • Racking equipment and tubbing
  • Refractometer
  • Hydrometer
  • Lots of Yeast
  • Misc. utensils (funnel, spoons, mixing wand, etc.)
  • Bottles
  • Bench Capper
  • Additives such as tannins, acid blend, potassium sorbate, potassium metabisulfate, and campden tablets (same as potassium metabisulfate)

Total Investment (as of 2/20/14): $1238.73