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Hard Cider – Yeasts Used for Hard Cider (Compliation of Results)

This is the list of Hard Cider yeasts used for hard cider and yeasts intend on trying. This list will be updated as the experiment continues. Note that I understand that yeast selection is highly subjective, please do not take my words as the end all be all, just an idea of my personal experiences. […]

Update: Hard Cider Batch #1 – Racked 01/27/14

Update to Hard Cider Batch #1, it has been racked from the 6-gallon container into a 5-gallon carboy. The gravity was about 1.008, airlock activity nearly gone. Just really wanted to it get off the lees. This batch used Nottingham Ale Yeast, and a Whole Foods cider. For more details, check out my original post. […]